Use of Sustainable Construction Materials Regulations

June 18, 2018

The National Construction Industry Council wishes to inform all Consultants and Local Councils that the Government of Malawi has published in the Gazette the Use of Sustainable Construction Materials Regulations, 2018. These Regulations seek to promote the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials in the Construction Industry.

The Regulations require that every public or commercial project be executed using approved, energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials and technologies in all the phases of the project as appropriate. As such the use of traditionally fire cured bricks in the execution of such projects is prohibited.

The Regulations require Consultants to ensure that they design for, and specify, sustainable construction methods and materials for their clients in addition to appropriately advising the clients on the benefits, cost effectiveness and value addition of such methods and materials.

The Regulations also require the City, Town and District Councils to approve only such projects that specify and utilize construction materials that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Be advised that failure to comply with any provision of these Regulations shall constitute an offence. Please take note that these Regulations have become in force with immediate effect.

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