Striking Off the Register

September 19, 2017

The National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) wishes to inform all Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Material Manufacturers and Suppliers, Professional Boards and Associations, Construction Stakeholders and the general public that in accordance with Section 27 of the National Construction Industry Act (Cap 53:05 of the laws of Malawi), the Board has imposed sanctions on Mr. Allan Magombo trading as Downstairs Construction and Mr. Maxwell C. Tambala trading as Tambala Civil Contractors as follows:




1 Mr. Allan Magombo, trading as Downstairs Construction, P.O. Box 1542, Lilongwe Stricken off the register
2 Mr. Maxwell C. Tambala,  trading as Tambala Civil Contractors, P.O. Box 297, Lilongwe Stricken off the register

Mr. Allan Magombo ,trading as Downstairs Construction, was found guilty by the courts of law for theft and money laundering contrary to the laws of Malawi; while Mr. Maxwell C. Tambala, trading as Tambala Civil Contractors, was found guilty of professional misconduct after going through a disciplinary process for falsiying his qualifications during a bidding process. Both acts by Mr Allan Magombo and Mr. Maxwell C. Tambala are contrary to the Code of Ethics for Contractors in the Construction Industry and are therefore subject to a discliplinary action.


Mr. Allan Magombo of Downstairs Construction and Mr Maxwell C.  Tambala of Tambala Civil Contractors are therefore not allowed to conduct business in the construction industry in Malawi.

The National Construction Industry Council is hereby advising all stakeholders to take note of this development and ensure that they do not hire Downstairs Construction and Tambala Civil Contractors for construction services as doing so will be in contravention of the provisions of the NCI Act.

The NCIC is further advising all stakeholders to ensure that they verify with the Council on the registration status of firms prior to awarding contracts.

At NCIC, we are dedicated to serving with honesty, high professional standards and good ethical conduct”


By order of the Board.


Linda M. Phiri (Ms)

Chief Executive Officer

National Construction Industry Council (NCIC)

Private Bag A146, Lilongwe

Tel: (265) 01 725 523/529/564

Fax: (265) 01 725 535


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