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Joint Venture Forms

Joint Venture means the joint venture formed by the Members in accordance with the Agreement. Where ‘Agreement’ shall mean the agreement between the Members of the Joint Venture and includes this model form of agreement together with the Preamble, Specific Provisions, if any, Schedules ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ and any relevant Documents prepared prior to […]

NCIC Renewal Form – Revised version

NCIC Project Registration Form

All contractors, consultants, clients and stakeholders in the construction industry, kindly use this form NCIC Project Registration Form II. For any inquiries, kindly call 0887 829 505

Temporary Registration Form for Foreign Contractors

Registration Form for Specialist Contractors

Project Management Consultants Registration Forms – 2019

Project Management Consultants Registration Forms

Form for Material Manufactures and Suppliers

Foreign Consultants Temporary Registration Form – 2019

Construction Industry Training Manual

NCIC Service Charter in Tumbuka

NCIC Service Charter in Chichewa

NCIC Service Charter

Registration Procedures

Registration procedures

Instruction for registration

Procedures for upgrading for contractors

Instructions for moving to a higher membership tier

Procedures for registration of Construction firms

Latest version of the membership registration form.

Research Agenda for the Construction Industry in Malawi

Construction Industry Training Manual

Registered Firms As At April 2019

Updated List of Registered Contractors and Consultants – 2019


Note: This Bill was approved by Parliament in March 2019

ICC Report for 2018

NCIC Levy Order No1 of 2013 (Notice No 29 of 2014)

NCIC Service Charter in Tumbuka

NCIC Service Charter in Chichewa

NCIC Service Charter

National Construction Industry Policy

This document details the direction and intent of the Government of Malawi in facilitating the growth and development of the construction industry in Malawi. The National Construction Industry Policy aims at guiding the Construction Industry in ensuring an enabling environment for the development of a vibrant, efficient and sustainable local construction industry.This Policy provides a […]

National Construction Industry Act

An Act to provide for the establishment of the National Construction Industry Council of Malawi, for the promotion and development of the construction industry in Malawi, for the registration of persons engaged in the construction industry, for the co-ordination of training of persons engaged in the construction industry and generally for matters incidental thereto.