Training Event

High Voltage Installation

  • Starts: 4 Nov 2019
  • Duration: 10 days
  • Fees: MWK 100000

Course Objective
This course aims at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills in High voltage installation and supervision.

Target Group: Supervisors, foremen and Lines men in constructor organization

Course Content

• Power System Overview
• Overhead Line Construction Safety
• Fundamentals of line design
• Line tools and materials
• Locating pole position
• Span, ground clearances
• Hole Excavation
• Line Supports
• Structures
• Conductors
• Guying
• Conductor Stringing methods
• Conductor Stringing
• Sagging of conductors, making off and binding
• Making jumpers
• Insulators
• Transformers and Switchgears
• Earthing and measurement of earth resistance
• Transmission and Distribution Work Scheduling
• Line inspection and commissioning Planning work


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